Anonymity Bitcoin Mixer

BCMixer is an anonymization service that significantly complicates the tracking of transactions in the Bitcoin system. BCMixer uses a completely different, unique bitcoin mixing technology to keep your information. Protect your identity and keep bitcoin transactions private with our easy-to-use service

Bitcoin Mixing

Why Us?

Discover our key features to know why BCMixer is top of bitcoin mixing service

Easy to Use
BCMixer has been designed to be easy to use. In just a few steps, you can make your bitcoins anonymous.
Instant Mixing
We're going to mix your coins instantly. No waiting or get any trouble when mixing with us
100% Anonymous
We do not store any logs or data from you and after mixing, you can delete your order self or we will delete it automatically.
Low fees
Set the Service fees and the sending speed yourself, depending on how much anonymity you want.